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The Rio-Antirio Bridge in Patra, Greece.  Take a delightful video journey crossing from the north side to the south side over the Gulf of Corinth. It feels like a carnival ride.   


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This year the Thessaloniki International Film Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary as the leading film festival in southeastern Europe. It is one of the major cultural events in Greece as well as the entire Balkan region.

Each year close to 300 independent films from around the world (in a variety of genres) are presented. The films are judged by a distinguised panel of judges and there are awards given. The festival is considered an international event and past judges have included Francis Ford Coppola and Faye Dunaway.  This year Olive Stone will be in attendence.

Over the years the festival has attracted many parallel, non-film events such as concerts and art exhibitions, thereby making it a perfect destination for clients who have an interest in the arts.

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