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The Rio-Antirio Bridge in Patra, Greece.  Take a delightful video journey crossing from the north side to the south side over the Gulf of Corinth. It feels like a carnival ride.   

The island of Santorini resulted from a violent volcanic eruption millennia ago. Consequently, the earth is gray or black volcanic ash and looks dead.  But, the ashen lava is the secret ingredient of Santorini’s wine success. The Cycladic vine is circular and lies in a depression in the ground to protect it from the strong Aegean winds. New shoots are woven around the stump in the shape of a basket or wreath, a clever technique allowing water, a scarce item on Santorini, to collect from nocturnal fogs.

Click here to read a personal account about picking grapes in Thirasia with Pappou in August, 2008 by Colleen McGuire


This Santorini fisherman lives on the island of Thirasia, population 270 inhabitants, in the tiny settlement of Riva where ferry boats dock, discharging  mostly locals.  Foreigners visiting Thirasia usually bypass Riva in favor of the more touristy Korfos, stopping for lunch on a sailing excursion to the caldera hot springs.  

The Laiki


If you hang around Athens long enough you’ll eventually hear the word laiki.

-I couldn’t find any cauliflower at the laiki today.
-Don’t buy those green peppers.  The laiki is tomorrow.
-Aren’t these curtains cute?  I got them at the laiki!
-I buy all of my fish at the laiki.
-Toilet paper is cheaper at the laiki.  Continue Reading »


In the center of one of Athen’s most densely populated neighborhoods is the little oasis of Pangrati Woods.

Inside the Woods it’s easy to forget the choking traffic that has come to typify modern Athens.  In a city with only 2 square meters of green space per resident the winding pathways, picturesque stone steps and tall trees take the visitor away, even if momentarily, from the stress of city life.

The City of Athens has proposed a revitalization plan for the inner city green space that has spawned strong opinions both for and against the project.

While Athens Mayor Nikitas Kaklamanis believes in the plan to uprade the parks lighting and open a cafe and an outdoor theater, others aren’t too pleased with the idea, arguing that a cafe and a cinema would only add more concrete to Athens.  Professor Eleni Portaliou believes that the…

…parks and woods are natural oases, small ecosystems within the city and should not be burdened with facilities that attract large crowds.
(Athens Plus, November 14, 2008)

It is true that in 1928 the park was host to both an open-air theater and a small zoo.

However, the Athens of 2009 is not the Athens of 1928.


This year the Thessaloniki International Film Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary as the leading film festival in southeastern Europe. It is one of the major cultural events in Greece as well as the entire Balkan region.

Each year close to 300 independent films from around the world (in a variety of genres) are presented. The films are judged by a distinguised panel of judges and there are awards given. The festival is considered an international event and past judges have included Francis Ford Coppola and Faye Dunaway.  This year Olive Stone will be in attendence.

Over the years the festival has attracted many parallel, non-film events such as concerts and art exhibitions, thereby making it a perfect destination for clients who have an interest in the arts.